Countdown Timer in C#

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In in select Import from the top left.
Copy the Import Code and paste it into the Import String.

  1. In OBS, add a scene called [NS] Countdown Timer and a text source within that scene called [TS] Countdown Timer. You can call [NS] Countdown Timer as a nested scene in any scene you want to use the timer.

  2. Streamer Bot > Actions > TimerStart > double-click Execute Code (Countdown Timer) > in the References tab > right-click and Add reference from file... > add System.dll > click Save and Compile


Commands to create in Streamer Bot and which action to point them to

Command Action Usage Explanation
!timer Timer Start !timer # Makes timer visible and starts the timer to the number specified in the command
!timeradd TimerAdd X Minutes !timeradd # Adds your desired number of minutes to the timer.
!timerset Timer Set !set # Purely cosmetic, sets the timer and makes the timer visible on screen.
!timerstop Timer Stop !stop Stops the timer, then hides the text source.
  • !timer without a number will start the timer with the last number used.

Actions in the TimerDone action will be triggered once the timer reaches zero.

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