Timer in C# => Timer Function Bug?

Hello @rondhi

I belive we found a bug in your Timer in C# Extension

Countdown Timer in C# - Extensions / Approved - Streamer.bot Extensions

When you start a timer which is count up, after some time you set this timer to pause and start it again, he takes the actuall Time value, but he made then a countdown and not a timer…

We found this in the “timer_v0.2.3-3.sb (beta)”



I’ll take a look after work!

thanks for having a look…

I worked on the code a bit. Can you test this out and if you don’t find any problems, I’ll update the page and documentation.

timer_v0.2.3-4.sb (21.1 KB)

Hey Rhondi
Now it looks better…
We struggeling only actually with the Timer start over Streamdeck, so thats we can start a timer which is counting up
We add the Action “Timer 1. Start TImer” and add a Argument with “String” “value” “up”. but the timer is not starting…

if i use the chat Command in the chat, it works

in the logfile we can found following entry:

[2024-05-26 22:51:30.957 DBG] InlineCode :: Running ‘StartTimerAction’ entry point from instance ‘2356084f-4860-47d0-83a1-332b816eb901’
[2024-05-26 22:51:30.960 INF] ----- TIMER LOG: timeValueString ‘ups’

When we press the Start Timer Button on Streamdeck