Watchtime V2.0 (Track User Time)


This will allow users to keep track of how much time they have spent watching the stream.

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In 0.1.14 the Present Viewers Event changed to allow how often the Event is run to be changed. Watchtime V2.0 has been updated to reflect this and there is an argument that you need to change to match the minutes set on the event. Also a bug was addressed where parsing the watchtime would return formatted incorrectly. The old version will no longer be supported. Please update to this version ASAP.


In in select Import from the top left.
Drag the Import File into the Import String.


Set the argument vMinutes to reflect what you have set on the slider for the Present Viewers Event.

Add the Action Auto Add Watchtime to the Present Viewers Event.

If there is something tied to the event already, i.e. Flad’s Point System, then add a Subaction Add Action > Actions > Action and select Auto Add Watchtime then hit Ok, under the Action associated to the Event. Make sure Run Action Immediately is Checked.


Create a Command called !watchtime set to Exact and tie it to the Get Watchtime User Action.

This will NOT work for the Broadcast User and will only add Watchtime while the stream is live.