Points System (Core)


This is a new multi-platform Point System. Point Systems allow your viewers to interact in many ways, it is also seen as a replacement to Twitch’s Channel Point system for non affiliates and for those on YouTube, however many user use both!

Import Code

MultiPlayformPointsSystem.sb (7.8 KB)


Download the .sb File.
In Streamer.bot in select Import from the top left.
Drag and Drop the file into the Import String.

This Import Contains 7 Actions and 6 Commands, note commands are disabled by default


[Points] - Timed Action

This action allows you to give people points based on the time they are in your stream, this uses the present viewer Triggers for both Twitch and YouTube.

The argument %pointsGivenPerTick% is in relation to how often you do your present viewer trigger, in SB it can be from 1 to 10 mins, so this value is how much you want each user to get each time that Trigger runs.

[Points] User Current Points

This is the action the user will user to check how many points they have, you can edit the output message to suit your needs but the importand thing is %pointsArgs% is the amount of point the user has.

[Points] Reset All Points

This simple commands will delete all current point records so you can start over if you wish.

[Points] Set and [Points] Add

Here you will see 4 actions 2 Add and 2 Sets for each of the platforms (Twitch and YouTube) this is because the way usernames are handled by these platforms are very different. All names in Twitch are unique and in YouTube they are not. So this makes doing targeted commands such as !AddPoints much harder for YouTube.

In Twitch its really easy so if you are using these on Twitch you just need to edit the Send Message to suit your needs.

If you are using these on YouTube you have a decision to make, if someone did !addpoint John 500 and the code discovered that they were 2 Johns with some points it can either Add 500 to both of the Johns or none of them. If you want both you need to change the if statement to continue if userFound is greater than 1 if you want it to do nothing leave it as break. It will then add the points