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This extension was started by, and is a joint project with, @userid10t With it, you can get funny, helpful, or random recent reviews from your currently set Twitch game (as long as it is a game that is available on Steam.

For a quick example, let’s see what Booger said about Lethal Company.

Lethal Company Review

This extension requires a FREE Steam API Key which can be obtained from the developer portal at: Steam API Key

Video Tutorial

Import Code

Steam Game (8.2 KB)


Obtaining Your API Key

If you haven’t already, head over to Steam API Key and Sign in, or create, your account. Then type whatever you want in the ‘Domain Name’ box, check the box to agree to their terms, and press the big green ‘Register’ button.

On the next window, just copy your API key to your clipboard.

Setting it Up

In click the Import button in the top menu. Drag the downloaded .sb file into the ‘Import String’ field and click Import. You will see 1 Action and 1 Command

Go to the Commands tab and ensure you enable the !review Command before proceeding

Once Imported, you need to configure a few things (as shown below):

  • steamApiKey Paste your API Key from earlier into this argument

  • steamTag This defaults to [ 1 ] which returns funny reviews. Select [ 2 ] for “Helpful” or [ 3 ] for “Recent” (within the last 30 days) reviews.

  • minTagVotes This Defaults to 1. The number corresponds to how many times the tag (or post) got “upvoted”. Theoretically 5 means it should return funnier results than 1.

Any Sub-Action added after ‘Execute Code’ can use the variable %gameBoxArt%. This is useful if you’d like it to pop-up on screen via a Browser Source when the command or Channel Point is used.

Special Note

Have fun with it. Keep in mind that some Steam reviews are very lengthy. I broke them into separate messages, but enjoy the lengthier ones so did not set any sort of hard-coded limitations. You’re more than welcome to do so if you’re worried about “spamming” your chat on a long review.

Another funny review, that also depicts multi-messaging:

7DTD review2


Joint project completed with @userid10t feel free to ping either of us with questions, comments, or concerns!


I notice that userid10t has already submitted a project of this type, is this an actual collab or have you just added something to his code?

It’s an actual collab, he’s going to take that one down so there’s not multiple.

Works fine for me NOW. :smiley:

I accidentally copied a blankspace first while getting my Steam API key and got returns like

STEAM GAME REVIEW ERROR: Unexpected character encountered while parsing value: <. Path '', line 0, position 0.


No Steam App ID found for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. and didn’t notice it first

It does however now struggle with more games to get the Steam App ID (like Witcher 3 or Borderlands 2, which used to work with the previous review submission iirc)

Thank you for the testing and feedback! The following fixes have been applied as a result:

  • Added some more explicit searching of the DB so now it excludes any sort of “Special”, “Ultimate”, “GOTY” editions, etc, as well as any “bundles” which was resulting in the issues.

  • Adjusted the search technique to account for regional URLs (i.e. .de, .uk, etc).

  • Additionally added some REGEX to clean up the output chat messages and remove a bunch of special characters, emojis, etc.

Import code is updated and here’s a result from both of the problem games you pointed out:

- Borderlands 2 -

-Witcher 3: Wild Hunt -


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@userid10t is afraid of crows though…

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