Having trouble getting rondhi's clip scanner extension working

Not sure if using this support function is better than using the streamer.bot discord but decided to give this a try. I followed all of the steps in the extension instructions, but still haven’t gotten any clips to post in twitch chat and discord chat. I have tried from other accounts, my own account and others clipping things on my channel and no dice.

Twitch Clip Scanner

I’m sure I’m missing something obvious! Highly appreciate any help that could fix the issue :slight_smile:

Yeah not sure if this will be better than discord or not. Can you follow these instructions:

  1. Get the latest version of Twitch Clip Scanner v1.0.2 if you haven’t already
  2. Under logging settings, set logging to true and put in a directory of where to save the logging json files
  3. Use an interval like 300 seconds for both the timed action and the interval variable
  4. While streaming, make several clips and then run the scanner (you can even just right click the trigger and manually test it)
  5. It should create some json files in the directory you set in step 2
  6. Upload the json files here

Pwnyy wasn’t able to get it to work either. So we think it has to do with Twitch’s clip API being silly. We need more people to test this before it can get approved.

I did download that earlier and toyed around with it but still had no results, the clips from yesterday showed up in the json but never posted in chat or discord. I tried going live just now and tested the trigger while I made a few clips + my gf made a clip but those didn’t get registered either (assuming it was too soon for the clipslastday json).

clipsWithinInterval.json (2 Bytes)
clipsLastDay.json (3.6 KB)

Hopefully uploaded those correctly. Thanks for the help and the extension!

Okay I updated the extension for debug purposes. Can you grab v1.0.2 debug? After you have it run and grab recently created clips, I need you to upload the clipsDebug.json file so I can see if it’s actually correctly grabbing the clips.

clipsDebug.json (257 Bytes)

Okay, downloaded the debug, went live, made some clips and tested the trigger.

It hasn’t found any clips made within the past day… how curious

I was having similar issues except the debug file and other JSON files were showing found clips for me. Despite this, they still weren’t posting to Discord or Twitch chat.

After some testing myself, I found a really weird solution.

I found adding a message (any message) after the foreach that post all clips makes it work again. I literally just added

CPH.SendMessage(“Thanks for the clip!”, true);

to line 117, just before the final “return true;”

I don’t know why it works but removing this line makes the code cease functioning again. Hopefully this fix works for @thirstpls until we can get a more logical solution

Please try the latest version and let me know how it works out for you. https://extensions.streamer.bot/t/twitch-clip-scanner/279

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I have had more success with the most recent update. !clip command worked instantly at posting to discord and I tried testing the timed action trigger, but it didn’t populate the clip, but after the timed action ran on it’s own, the clip was posted to the chat and to the discord. Thank you for your help and for the updates!

The clip command is designed so that it will not be caught by the timed action to prevent duplicate posts.

Glad to hear it’s working.

My sentence was poorly written, my bad. It was supposed to be two parts. I had someone make a clip after testing the !clip command (which worked great) and I clicked test trigger, but it didn’t end up posting anything to chat. It ended up posting a few minutes later when the timed action ran on it’s own, I believe.

I’ll try it again next stream to see if there was hiccup and actually look at the action queue.

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