Twitch Clip Scanner


This extension will check for if any new clips were created within the interval set. If new clips are created, then they can be posted to Twitch chat or to a configured Discord channel.

Import Code (5.7 KB) (6.1 KB)


  1. Download the import code file
  2. Click the Import button to open the Import dialog
  3. Drag and drop the file into the Import String box and then click Import


This action will post new clips to Twitch chat by default

Posting clips only if title is unique

  • Set postUniqueTitlesOnly to True if you only want to post clips that have a title that is different from the channel title


Posting new clips to Discord

To post new clips to Discord:

  1. Set the Set argument subaction for postToDiscord to True.

  1. Configure your Discord Webhook URL by going to the Configure Discord Clip Webhook URL action, right click the Test trigger, and then click Test Trigger. Paste your Discord Webhook URL into the dialog that opens.


Creating the Timed Action

  1. In the Scan for New Twitch Clips action, edit the Timed Action trigger


  1. Click Create Timer. Name it something like Twitch Clip Scanner and set the interval to your desired amount of time in seconds

300 seconds is 5 minutes

  1. Edit the Set argument subaction for interval to match the interval you set in the Timed Action


Optional configuration

You can create actions to enable/disable the timer from when you start/stop streaming.

  1. Create an action called Start Twitch Clip Scanner
  2. Add a trigger Twitch > Channel > Stream Online


  1. Add a subaction Core > Timers > Set Timer State and select the timer you created and select Enabled



  1. Repeat these steps to create a Stop Twitch Clip Scanner, except use the Stream Offline trigger, and a Set Timer State subaction to disable the timer you created.

Start Twitch Clip Scanner

Stop Twitch Clip Scanner


v1.0.1 - added an option postUniqueTitlesOnly to post only if the clip title is different from the channel title

v1.0.2 - added option for logging to a set of json files for debugging purposes