Watchtime Import

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I just wanted to install the Streamelements Watchtime Extension and I wondered how i can use it to show te watchtime as a Chat message. Could anyone help me out?

That just imports the time from Streamelements to You actually need this extension to track and display watchtime in SB. Watchtime V2.0 (Track User Time)

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Is it possible to use the watchtime from Streamelements for chat messages? Why would I want to import it otherwise?

So yes you can. So you would need to run the importer over and over until everyone is imported in. But to access those stored values you would need the extension I posted. You can’t just call the Watchtimes from SE if that’s what you mean. They have to be moved over first but SB will only move over for users it has seen.

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Is it possible to have a leaderboard like the one for subscribers also for viewer time ?

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Can how can I send a message with SB with the watchime?
So if one user triggers !watchtime there shall come a Twitchmessage with “User is looking this stream for [watchtime]”
I think I just need the variable for the watchtime - then the message would be complete :smiley:

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: