Voice controlled Music Poll


Use voice control to trigger a poll and automatically show the results in chat after. While simultaneously pretending to be a AI working for you!

Example Video:

Streamer.bot Import File

Voice Controlled Automated Music Poll.sb (2.4 KB)
Update: 2024-04-30T22:00:00Z - Removed unnecessary triggers.


Mp3Files.zip (177.5 KB)


1- To get this extension, you need to import the code to streamer.bot by clicking the Import Button and drag and drop the file downloaded to the string field.
2- Make sure to unzip the mp3 files and place them where you want on your PC, then make sure you edit the path on each of the actions in the group.

Changing the audio/poll

First change the actual poll under the “Music Genre Poll” Action. If you want your viewers to be able to vote more than once, then add a value to “Channel Points Per Vote”.

Then make sure the Actions have the exact same names, as in your poll:

and then in the “Music Genre Poll Complete” Action, change each if argument to match your poll choices:

In each Logic If/Else, you need to change the “value” and “do action”.


Just finished testing and it works as intended, good to approve for me :slight_smile:

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