vJoy (Virtual Joystick)

An extension that allows Streamer.bot to Press and Release vJoy Buttons and hat switches, and set any vJoy Axis.

So what would the use case of this be? I’m trying to imagine a use case where a virtual joystick is used in the first place but then needing it automatically controlled? Also, don’t think this is me discounting a virtual joystick or anything. I’m just trying to better understand the request so I can wrap my head around how a user would need it to work. If someone were to do this the more information they had the better. While many of us build out for the streaming community and are streamers ourselves, there are many niche areas that we aren’t familiar with.

My person use case would be to use Streamer.bot as a central hub to intergrate my Real Joystick, Voice control soft ware, Streamdeck, and discord chat to control my Virtual Joystick, at the moment everything acts independantly and points to the vJoy which results in major desync between my physical devices which all read a diffrent state for the same variable which they all store locally.

with streamer.bot I can roll out updates to all of my devices when an action occurs and update Stream deck icons, rgb lights, local variables, and have a discord chat of my friends and maybe in the future a stream chat control my vJoy with text commands.

I personally use a vJoy all the time to replace any need for hotkeys or add additional inputs to a game or workspace without clogging up my keyboard and mouse with a million hotkeys and short cuts to remember.

since I don’t stream very often I also use streamer.bot as a powerful automation tool and I think just like the stream deck it has a lot of really good use cases outside of content streaming especially with the StreamDeck plugin I find it acts as a much more versatile tool then almost any of the other plugins avliable for the stream deck.