Tic Tac Toe game with overlay


Let your viewers play Tic Tac Toe on your stream.

OBS WS v5.x


Import Files

tic_tac_toe_mini_game_streamer.bot_actions.sb (16.7 KB)


OBS Scene Importation

tic_tac_toe_source_copy (8.3 KB)

Download and unzip to Import both scene into OBS :

[NS] Tic Tac Toe - 1 - Source Copy.json

[NS] TIC TAC TOE Overlay - 2 - Source Copy.json


tic_tac_toe_images (14.2 KB)

Download and unzip images folder where you want. You will need to locate that folder later.

Create a new Channel point Reward and give it a name (e.g. : “Challenge a viewer on Tic Tac Toe”)

plugins needed :

Plug-in Name Sources Requiring Link
Source Copy you need the OBS plugin Source Copy to Import the scenes Source Copy | OBS Forums
Move Transition [NS] TIC TAC TOE Overlay Move | OBS Forums
Shader-Filter for rounded-rect.shader on images and browser sources Releases · exeldro/obs-shaderfilter · GitHub

The easiest way to update all images location is to close obs, then when you reopen that scene collection, it will popup a window, looking for missing files.
Just locate the folder where images you downloaded before are.


Download the Import File.
Open the Import Dialog by pressing Import from the top left.
Drag the downloaded .sb file into the Import String then press Import

This will Import 3 Actions and a bunch of Commands


Action Name : TIC TAC TOE [ Check Play / Win] ► No configuration needed

Action Name : TIC TAC TOE [ Get Players ] ►[ Channel Point Reward ]

► Set the Position of the widget to pop-in / slide-in


► Set your Channel Point Reward name

Action Name : TIC TAC TOE [ Reset Game ]

► Set the Position of the widget to pop-out / slide-out


► Set your Channel Point Reward name

Available Commands

Command Purpose
!p1 !p2 First Player Choice
!A1 !A2 !A3
!B1 !B2 !B3
!C1 !C2 !C3
Players moves
Reset the game (e.g. : if one players left the stream without finishing to play )


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