Stream Chat with Pronoun Support


Chat Overlay for OBS based on’s websocket, using pronouns from



To use the Chat overlay locally just download the newest release from the releases page and unpack it somewhere OBS can reach it.

After unpacking you can open generator.html in a browser to open the configurator.


While this is the easier method, using the online method comes with some drawbacks. First and foremost that Github has a soft limit on Bandwidth and Availability. There is no guarantee that this will always work.

Also keep in mind that Github has their own data collection policies.

To get started with using this method go to stream-chat link generator


Supported settings are as follows. To use them just add them as URL parameters, e.g.


Config options

option default valid options description example
ws_uri ws://localhost:8080/ uri The Streamer.Bot’s local websocket URL ws_uri=ws://localhost:8080/
direction horizontal Set to “horizontal” this will scroll the text from right to left instead of bottom to top direction=horizontal
bubbles false boolean Displays bubbles instead of the standard chat log display bubbles=true
background color Background of the whole chat page. Careful: By default this will be overridden by OBS background=000000
background_color color If set overrides all chat bubble colours background_color=FF0000
text_color color If set overrides all user name colours text_color=FF0000
default_color color This sets the default background/bubble colour for users who don’t have a colour set default_color=FF0000
badges true boolean If set to false this disable broadcaster/VIP/moderator badges badges=false
highlights true boolean If set to false this disables visual difference for highlighted messages highlights=false
timestamp false boolean If set to true displays the time of the message timestamp=true
timestamp_locale en-US locale The regional setting to use for the message time timestamp_locale=de-DE
cmdprefix string A prefix for bot commands. If this is set, chat messages starting with this won’t be displayed cmdprefix=!
bots string A comma-separated list of accounts whose messages will not be shown(case-insensitive) bots=streamelements,streamlabs
fade_duration number Time in seconds until messages are removed fade_duration=60
fontfamily Open Sans string set (any locally installed) font fontfamily=Calibri
fontsize large number/string CSS class font-size value (e.g. x-large, 2em, 22px) fontsize=22px
emote_size 1.4rem number/string CSS class size value (e.g. 2em, 22px) emote_size=22px


color: 6-digit HEX colour code without the ‘#’

boolean: true or 1, false or 0

locale: ISO 639-1 language code(i.e. ‘de-DE’ or ‘en-GB’)

I’ve read this README but I still have questions/problems, where can I get help?

If you have a Github account, opening an issue is the best way to give feedback. Otherwise you can join my Discord and ask your question in #development or send me a message on Twitter.

Contributors / Thanks

Thanks to @andi242 for his fork on GitHub - andi242/twitch-chat: Twitch Chat Overlay for StreamerBot