Rotating Feed with Websocket

Hey ^^ i had a Idea for a Overlay Extension. Everyone probably know the Rotating Feed from AlphaGaming?

i want to use the Client to get all the information over the websocket so i also can create more than just this one Widget :slight_smile: but i leck of Information and own Knowledge how this is working :confused:

im kinda new to “FullStack” but i learn it since 4 Month so i have kinda the “basic how do”. and maybe we can also find some other cool projects we could do after this :smiley: (like a Streamelements Overlay replacement)

What i need now is “How can i start” and “How i get the Events”

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Maybe you can reach out to BlackyWerSonst in the discord? Their actions do a lot with websockets and they also have a “streamlabels” extension in the works ( at main · BlackyWhoElse/ · GitHub) that might be able to be expanded into what you’re looking for? I don’t believe they’re doing anything with the Client but I’d be willing to bet they would be the ones to talk to and collab with.

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Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

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I’m guessing you’re talking about something like this?
It’s what I use for displaying the latest. SB client and local storage. But really SB Client makes it super simple. You just use it in the page you’re wanting to connect to and have it connect. As long as you follow the docs it’s pretty straight forward. The hard parts are deciding how/where to store the data to save it so it doesn’t disappear if you change scenes or close OBS and coding the page to do what you want.

I guess a good starting point is just get the page how you want with animations and such then try to connect it.

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yeah stuff like this :slight_smile: i want to start a project what will use Angular later with a laraval API etc… (at the end i want to create later a complete StreamElements Alternative thats connected to SB)

but my problem is it is kinda hard to read the Doc for me. i have no problem with installing the NPM packed but after this i dont rly get how i start and how i choose the Event :smiley:

Gotcha, I mean I have this stuff on my to do list and already have a NextJS package put together for the Extensions side. I just keep getting side tracked on other projects but that’s the idea is to take community contributions and allow them to be used hosted instead of needing to run locally. There’s a few things I have to figure out on communicating with SB remotely, if even possible, so IRL streamers could use them as well.

Any particular reason you’re looking at Angular and Larvel? Just curious is all. I looked between VueJS and NextJS and for some reason I just enjoy NextJS better and it comes packaged with it’s own api system as well.

Im learning Fullstack Deeveloper right now and at the curse we learn Angular for Frontend and Symfony for backend thats why :smiley: ofc i could also use ReactJS bc its a lot lighter. Lavaral would my choise bc of the Twtich provided API.

I want to open a Project called NativeStreamer. this should be a f2u service to see all OBS plugins with Update Notification etc and there should be also some Applications like Streamscheduler. Its build like StreamElements where you can build your “overlay” but this one will give you a .png/jpg to download but it will also automaticly setup the the schedule on twitch over the api and also (later, Discord Webhook(maybe bot) etc). if you intressted would be nice if you give me a little startup for my overlay setup :smiley: so i can understanad the basic’s first :smiley: afterwards i can learn it :smiley: from basic Knowledge