Prediction Creation And Management Commands

Twitch Prediction Commands

Create and manage predictions using simple chat commands. It’s more convenient than having to use twitch’s UI, and it also allows moderators on mobile to help with predictions.

Create Prediction:
!prediction <title> | <option1> | <option2> | etc...

Resolve Prediction:
!prediction resolve <winning_option>

Lock Prediction:
!prediction lock

Cancel Prediction:
!prediction cancel

Import File (3.6 KB)


  1. Download the Import File.
  2. In in select Import from the top left.
  3. Drag and Drop the Import File into the the Import String box.
  4. Enable the !prediction command on the Commands tab

You can set the prediction’s duration by changing this value in the sub-actions section

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Curious how this any different from the current extension Dynamic Twitch Predictions

If they are no differences then, this wont be approved,

We want to avoid having exact matches

If they is a difference that im missing Please let me know and we can check them out :slight_smile: