Pally.GG Donation Integration

# Pally.GG Donation Integration is a donation platform for your stream that allows you to split your revenue with your mods (or anyone you like) and lets your viewers leave an optional message with their donation.

This extension adds a trigger into to hook into their Websocket API so you can read the incoming donations and messages into your actions.


API Setup

You will need to create an API key on their dashboard - API Key Dashboard

More information can be found on their Developers Documentation

Streamer.Bot Setup

Drag and drop the Import File into (4.7 KB)

This should add 4 actions and a Websocket Client to your bot;

Action Description
Pally Connect Enables the Heartbeat Timed Action that sends a keep-alive ping every 50 seconds
Pally Disconnected Reconnects the Websocket Client automatically if it fails
Pally Heartbeat Keeps the Websocket Client open
Pally Donation Ingests the incoming donation message and deserializes it into usable arguments

Websocket Client

Open up the Websocket Clients tab under Servers/Clients

Double-Click on the entry and replace YOUR_API_KEY with the key you generated earlier

The setup assumes that the Websocket Client is the first one in the list. If this is not the case the C# code in each of the actions will need to be modified to point to the correct index

If they are not already set, ensure Auto Connect on Startup and Reconnect on Disconnect are both ticked. This will ensure the trigger is always running ready to receive donation messages.

Right click the Websocket Client and click Connect, if everything has been done correctly the Status will change to Open


Building your action

The system is now technically ready to receive messages, you need only build out your action to do something with the data it is pulling in.

The C# code in the the Pally Donation action decodes the websocket message into the following variables:

Argument Description
pallyCreated Date-Time of the donation
pallyUpdated Uhhh not sure - seems to be the same at the Created Time
campaignID serial number of the pool that received the donation
displayName The name entered by the donator (Not sure if this is goes through the bad words filter or not)
grossAmountInCents The full amount in cents that was donated
netAmountInCents The amount in cents the stream team will receive after processing fees
processingFeeInCents The amount in cents deducted for processing fees
pallyMessage The message sent with the donation

All of these can be used just like any other variable by surrounding them in % symbols in sub-actions placed below the C# sub-action

Afaik, the Pally should already be in contact with Nate or someone else of the admins figuring out how to get it natively integrated. At least that was my last update, I can however ask the dev about it again if they contacted Nate