[Lottery] Extension for (Points System Core)

Hello, would it be possible to add this extension to the Point System? It would work similar to Raffle by @TerrierDarts but adding the possibility to buy a ticket and that tickect has a random numbering of 5 digits. If there is no winner it increases the jackpot for the next time the Lottery Start command is executed. There could be winners if part of the last digits match the winning number and earn some points but I see that a bit more tedious to program.

  • Jackpot
  • Amount of jackpot that is added to the next lottery.
  • Reward per digit matched:
    1 = 10
    2 = 20
    3 = 30
    4 = 40
    5 = Jackpot
  • Winning percentage

I hope you like the idea.

Merry Christmas

Lotto is already a been built im just in the middle of writing the documentation for it