LinkBlock - URL Protection


LinkBlock blocks unwanted messages that contains real URLs.
But: it does NOT block typos with forgotten spaces between word.word but will block because this is a real TLD.
It does NOT block word...word (typical writing by many users)
You can whitelist URLs like your DC or YT channel or any other you want.
By default Mods and VIPs are allowed to post links, it can be disabled.
You can select how to handle messages with URLs either delete only or timeout user.
You can manually permit a user to post a link.

Basic summary it works as it should work

Import Code (15.7 KB)


Open your Import window in and drag and drop the into the Import String part and click Import. It will import two actions and one command.


To setup your whitelist open the Execute Code and look for this part (should be line 25):
Here you can add other URLs to whitelist them. Make sure after each line except of the last one is a comma


There is currently only one command available (Make sure to enable it after import):
?permit <username> - allows a specific user to post a link into chat for 60 seconds



Works really well for me :slight_smile: