Latest Youtube Video


This will post your latest YouTube video to chat. This extension has had a slight update since the video but be sure to read the documentation.


Import Code (1.2 KB)


In in select Import from the top left and import the file.

You will need to update, the FetchUrl Sub-Action with your own Channel ID, to get this go onto YouTube then visit Settings, and Advanced Settings. Then replace <YOUR ID HERE> with your own Channel ID


You can edit what the Output message is, using url Params you can edit the what the FetchURL returns, under the argument %latestvid%.

As mentioned you can also add some additional URL Params if you wish.

You can find more about them here DecAPI Docs

However here are a few highlights.

URL Param Purpose
no_livestream Will exclude any currently active livestreams. Stream VODs are generally not affected by this setting, unless it’s a recently completed livestream (due to caching)
no_shorts Will exclude any videos shorter than 1 minute (60 seconds), also known as ‘Shorts’.
include Only include videos that contain the specified text in the video title . This is case-insensitive.
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