Just want to share - !pp chat command

Hello, not sure where to share this at. I know most people that use !pp use stream elements, or something similar.
I set up my own version of !pp using streamer.bot for my wife’s stream.
When someone uses !pp in twitch chat, or !pp @(usertarget) it responds with a random number of 0-20. If it is less than x, or more than x it sends a chat response via the streamers twitch.

If this needs to be an extension submission, let me know and I’ll write it up.
pp chat command.sb (2.6 KB)

Can’t say I’m familiar with what this command is. Although you are more than welcome to submit things to Submissions by following the Extension Submission Template if you would like to submit it for conversion to the approved docs area. But if it’s something small that’s just like a command or so here is fine also.