Fishing catch Game


With this extension you can animate your viewers to catch fish. A random text with weight is always displayed.

Important: I have made it without scoring, if you want that, you are welcome to extend it for yourself.

Attention: The texts are only in German! And in the C# code the texts are output via the bot account, if you don’t want this, simply set bool bot = true; to false.

Import Code (3.3 KB)


In click the Import button in the top menu. Drag the .sb file into the Import String field.


The commands still need to be activated

Command Description
!angeln command executes this action
!fisch command executes this action

Seems to Work fine, I just needed to Enable the Commands,

Which isnt documented in the instructions

Works as intended, but given the fact that there is not too much task, you should maybe consider translating it into english (even if it’s just deepL)

It works, but you mentioned that a random text with weight is always sent. It looks like not all of the random texts have weight with them. I would recommend changing that wording in your instructions or adding weight to all of the random texts in the code.

Also, I would recommend adding a step to enable the command.

I have adjusted the text under Commands so that you have to activate them first.

And that is correct so that there is not always a weight behind it, because not everything needs a weight, because there are also “rivets” when fishing. It should also be a challenge