Fake News Overlay


Display a fake news overlay on stream through Streamer.bot and TwitchSpeaker.

NOTE: Twitchspeaker needs to be set up with a NewsReader Voice set up (the name will be needed).

Example of what this can do shown below:


Copy the text from the code box below into the Import box in Streamer.bot to add these to your action library:


Extract zip file below into a folder of your choice:
Fake News (1.1 MB)


Add a (full screen - 1920 x 1080 pixels) browser source.

Do not use local file option and set URL to about:blank.

Update the following Subactions:
OBS Set Browser Source URL: Select OBS Scene and browser Source. Update url to point to location where html file is (if unsure, open the html page and copy from the browser address bar. Ensure the part after the html is there, so just the path is updated- ?&rawinput=%rawinputescaped%)

UDP Broadcast (6669): Update “voice”: “NewsReader” to point to the Twitchspeaker voice alias to use to read the news.

OBS Set Browser Source URL: Select OBS Scene and browser Source.
URL does not need to be changed.


To move the position or to change volume level, use the values videooffsetleft, videooffsettop and videovolume in the html page.