Extension Tested-Random Source Position (OBS)

Can’t comment directly yet, but tested the following extension from @Tommy_3621 and it works just fine.


Testing Parameters

SB Version: 0.2.3 stable
OBS version: 30.1.2
Canvas Size: 1920x1080
Number of Iterations: 20+ per source


Attempted a minimum of 20 iterations per source with a total of 4 different source types of varying sizes, remained within the bounds of the canvas for each one. Source types were:

  • Static Image
  • Looping .webm
  • Browser Source
  • Solid color fill Source


None. It does what it says it will. :rofl:


a full on analytical report lmao, thanks :joy:


Going to try and do one every couple of days…think it’ll be good feedback for whoever made it, plus it shows how I tested it rather then “iT dUn worked gUd”

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Just dropped a new version that includes Move Source movements, in case you have too much time and motivation on your hand!