Crontab Watcher


If you’re familiar with Crontab, you can use this extension to run actions at defined times using cron expressions. If you’re unfamiliiar, please read this article to learn more

Use this tool for testing cron expressions

Import Code (10.6 KB)


In click the Import button in the top menu. Drag the .sb file into the Import String field.


All configuration is done in the Crontab 0. Config action. Use Subactions > Core > Arguments > Set Argument to add an action and cron expression.

To save the configuration, right-click the Test trigger and click Test Trigger


If you want to have an action called Crontab Every Half Hour run at every half hour, then your cron expression would be as such: 0,30 * * * *

This is a screenshot of how your Set Argument should look like:



  • Configure the Crontab 0. Config action as explained above in the Configuration section
  • Running the Crontab 1a. Start action will start the Crontab watcher
    • The Started trigger is disabled by default
    • Enable this trigger to have the Crontab watcher automatically start when starts
  • Running the Crontab 1b. Stop action will stop the Crontab watcher

Testing Phase Log

Version 0.2.0

  • Initial testing version