Comand to let users remove their own songs from queue

Is there a way to let users remove their songs from the queue? Like !remove that look for that last song from that particular user and delete it from the list.

I get a lot of wrong song requests and I have to stop gaming to take it off manually from Spoify.

Thank you and great work on this one, I love it.

Unfortunately, there’s no endpoint to be able to do this currently. The adding and removal can only be done to playlists and not to the now-playing queue

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Thank you for your response, awesome that you took the time. Thank you again for all your contributions.

You’re very welcome! It’s been an ongoing feature request with the Spotify devs for over 3.5 years now so I don’t think it’ll be coming any time soon :rofl:

I’ve been wondering. Do you think the solution could be to add a logic of “if song request contains userName then skip song” then clear the global? Less elegant but possibly a work around

That’s potentially a work around, would have to finesse a little bit and probably store the last requester name in their own global…it also wouldn’t work with my extension if !requesterNames off was used since that flags the bool to store them…with a little creativity though, I’m sure you could do it

Songify has that feature/command, so there is at least one way. Thank you for even trying,

If they’re locally storing all of it, then it’s more then likely just “skipping” that song internally. I spent several hours trying to shoot in the dark and see if there was undocumented endpoint to no avail…

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