Badword Filter v.2 blocks Messages where no badword is inside

Hi, I am trying to use the Badword Filter, but for some reason at some point it starts to delete messages with no badword inside.
The badword.txt is linked as it should but it seems it mixes something up when checking the message. Any idea?

Are you referencing this extension?

Yeah same issue for me. Timeouts users who don’t even say something remotely close in the blacklist

Looks like @lebluxtv updated it.

Will take a look into the Update and test it. If it still won’t work I made a command for Mods to disable the action

still broken sadly, again put an user in timout

any updates on this extension as it’s still broken @lebluxtv ?

works on my end, weird, will investigate more on it

i can try it again, are there any logs I could provide if this issue happens again? and is it normal that it says 1.2 in the import but 1.3 on the extension page?

This is now updated (v1.4) , added more check in methods it write the word to the file.
the default setup is just erasing the message. ( argument “timeOut” set to False)

Make sure to enable the command to add new word to ban ( !addBlacklistedWord )

you should erase previous action to make sure to not have duplicated ones ( even if it should show (copy) after the action name in that case ) , or to makes sure to not use the wrong one .

Last version show 1.4


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Hey legend - just added this (as my first extension) and I am wondering/suggesting maybe 2 blacklist.txt’s

1 for timeouts like currently
2 for banning users (this would be exceptionally helpful for targeting the ‘best viewers’ spam from bots)

Unless someone has a better idea ?

you could import the thing twice , and edit the second one to ban from its .txt file , the other remains just using T.O. instead .

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Not sure how to alter the code to change it from a timeout/delete to a ban