Auto Twitch Clip Scanner keeps pulling the same clip over and over

This extension was working fine until this morning. Yesterday I created 2 clips on my Twitch channel, and a few minutes later those clips posted to Discord as expected. However, this morning I noticed it posted them again. And then it posted them a third time a few minutes ago.

Seems to happen when I close and reopen it.

The processedClipIds is saved as a temporary global variable, so meaning if restarts, it will possibly grab posted clips if the clips are still within the postClipsWithinLast threshold. By default, this threshold is set to 1d (1 day).

As a workaround, you can reduce postClipsWithinLast to something like 1h (1 hour), so that it’ll only post clips that were made in the last hour.

I wasn’t sure if anyone was going to run into this problem, so it was an expected possibility.

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