7 Days To Die Websocket Integration


This is a mod for 7 Days To Die. It allows you to connect to the websocket server and receive updates about the game.


You as a user are responsible for your own actions. This mod is not intended for revenue generation, and if used in such way, will have no support provided. This mod is provided as is, and as a user of the mod, you must follow all End User License Agreements, and Terms of Service policies provided by The Fun Pimps Entertainment LLC. In no way shape or form is this mod associated with The Fun Pimps Entertainment LLC, or Streamer.bot, and any liabilities for any parties involved shall only be handled between yourself, and The Fun Pimps Entertainment LLC.

In the instance of this mod violating terms and conditions, file a removal request as an issue on the GitHub repository


To install you need to either download a release, or build the mod yourself.


  1. Download the latest release from GitHub

  2. Extract the zip file

  3. Copy the folder to your 7 Days To Die mods folder

  4. Depending on if you want to run single player, or multiplayer, the next step will be different.

    • Single Player
      • When running the game, disable EAC (Easy Anti-Cheat)
    • Multiplayer
      • When running the game, enable EAC (Easy Anti-Cheat)
  5. Restart the game


  1. Clone the repository
  2. Inside visual studio, open /src as the project
  3. Build the project
  4. The resulting dll will be in /src/bin/Debug/ as 7DTDWebsockets.dll
  5. Make a new folder in your mods folder called 7DTDWebsockets
  6. Copy the dll to the new folder
  7. Copy ModInfo.xml to the new folder
  8. Copy Config.xml to the new folder
  9. Copy websocket-sharp.dll to the new folder
  10. Copy UnityEngine.dll to the new folder
  11. Copy UnityEngine.CoreModule.dll to the new folder
  12. Copy 0Harmony.dll to the new folder
  13. Restart the game


  • Host: The hostname of the websocket server
  • Port: The port of the websocket server


Connect to the websocket server; the server will send updates about the game.


  • ChatMessage:
    • ChatMessage {"player": {"name":"PlayerName"}, "message":"Message"}
  • PlayerDeath:
    • PlayerDeath {"player": {"name":"PlayerName"}}
  • PlayerKillZombie:
    • PlayerKillZombie {"player": {"name":"PlayerName"}, "entity":"EntityName"}
  • PlayerKillAnimal:
    • PlayerKillAnimal {"player": {"name":"PlayerName"}, "entity":"EntityName"}
  • PlayerJoin:
    • PlayerJoin {"player": {"name":"PlayerName"}}
  • PlayerLeave:
    • PlayerLeave {"player": {"name":"PlayerName"}}
  • PlayerSpawnIn:
    • PlayerSpawnIn {"player": {"name":"PlayerName"}, "type":"TypeOfSpawn"}
  • PlayerDamage:
    • PlayerDamage {"player": {"name":"PlayerName"}, "damage": "DamageAmount", "cause": "DamageCause"}
  • PlayerKillEntity:
    • PlayerKillEntity {"player": {"name":"PlayerName"}, "entity":"EntityName", "animal":bool, "zombie":bool}


The HTTP API is not yet fully implemented.


  1. Send POST/GET to host:port/api/endpoint


  • This is currently not implemented.


  • /command: Send a command to the server. The command to send is in the body of the request. The response will be the result of the command.
curl -X POST http://localhost:9000/api/command
   -H "Authentication: abc123"
   -d 'gettime'

Day 3, 06:23