20 Second Instant Replay


Create a 20 second instant replay with Streamer.bot.

OBS WS v4.9

Import File


In Streamer.bot in select Import from the top left.
Drag and Drop the Import File into the Import String.

You can follow Nutty’s video for setting up OBS at least with Nested scenes & Dynamic Delay Filter.
Whole effect takes about 8GB of your RAM, so be aware of that.

Also, make sure to check all Sub-Actions that they are pointing at your OBS scenes, filters and sound files.

I plan on making video showing how to set this up from the start to the end.



To get timings right with my example action use these settings for Dynamic Delay plugin:

Settings Data
Duration: 20s{.datatype}
Fast Forward: 1000%{.datatype}
Fast Backward: -1000%{.datatype}
Fast Forward OBS hotkey: CTRL+NUM3{.datatype}
Fast Backwards OBS hotkey: CTRL+NUM1{.datatype}