Timed VIP (Chat Reward)

Import Code

TimedVips.sb (10.0 KB)


In Streamer.bot in select Import from the top left.
Copy the Import Code and paste it into the Import String.

First thing to do is to ensure all the commands are enabled, Find the Timed VIP group and right click to Enable All.

If you wish for this to be redeemed via Channel Points you will need to create it and point it to [Timed VIP Admin] Channel Point (Add VIP), then you will need to set the costOfVip to 0 (this is how it should be from the Import).

If you wish to use a command for users to redeem this using a VRFlads Channel Point Currency System then you can set the cost to what ever you wish, its important so the code doesn’t break that you set autoFulfil and autoRefund to False (these should be false from the import).

When users become a Timed VIP they will be added to the Timed VIP group you can use this if you wish for them to have there own command sets and benefits.

You can log all Timed VIPS with !logVips this triggers the [Timed VIP Admin] Log All Current Timed Vips action and it will post all the VIPS and days they have left to the log file.

[Timed VIP Admin] Give Days/VIP and [Timed VIP Admin] Manual Remove is a way you can manually add or take days/VIP away. The Commands !addDays <user> <numberOfDays> and !takeVIP are advised to be broadcaster only but you can have them set to mods too.


In the [Timed VIP Admin] Channel Point (Add VIP) they are a few settings you can change.

Argument Purpose
vipDays This is the number of days a user will have VIP as standard.
subscriberVipDays This is the number of days a Sub will get if they redeem.
allowAdding This will control whether a user can stack days up for VIP or not.
maxAllowedVips This is how many people you would like to get VIP as they are limited and you may also want some people to have it permanently.
autoFulfil This will auto fulfil the redeem if it is deemed to be valid when set to true.
autoRefund This will auto refund the redeem if it is deemed invalid if set to true.
costOfVIP This is how much it costs to redeem VIP when using VRFlad’s Point System

If the request is invalid it will likely trigger [Timed VIP] Action Fail this currently has a Execute code action in with different outputs depending on the error you can find a full error list below.

Error Code Reason
1 You are a Mod.
2 You are a permanant VIP.
3 No more Timed VIPs allowed, extending allowed.
4 No more Timed VIPs allowed, extending not allowed.
5 You are already VIP and you can’t add time.
6 User cannot afford this redeem.
7 This user is a Moderator.
8 This user is a permanant VIP.
9 This user is not a Timed VIP.

[Timed VIP] New VIP and [Timed VIP] Time Added are the actions that will run if you have been successful in your redeem. You can edit these action how ever you please, so adding sound effects is super easy and any overlays you may want to add. You can edit the send message which will populate these 2 arguments %daysAdded% This is how many days you have and %expireDate% this will be the date in which the redeem expires, this variable can be edited with Streamer.bots inline formatter so %expireDate: dd/MM% is valid.

[Timed VIP Admin] User Get Days Left populates the same 2 arguments %daysAdded% and %expireDate% but it also populates %vipUser% this is the name of the user we are looking up.