Phasmophobia Evidence in chat and OBS

Phasmophobia Evidence extension



Let your chat interact with a chat-based evidence log. Users or moderators can add evidence, see what evidence has already been gathered, which possible ghosts are remaining and what the special characteristics of a ghost are. The current evidence will be displayed as an overlay on OBS.

Import Code

Phasmophobia (13.8 KB)


Note that the Scene Collection has been made on a 1080p canvas. If you use a 1440p or 4k canvas, you might want to manually adjust the text after importing.


  1. Download and install the “Move” and “Source Copy” plugins for OBS (see above for the links)

  2. Download the import action file (Phasmophobia as well as the scene collection (Phasmophobia Scene Collection.json)

  3. In OBS, navigate to Tools → Source Copy → Load Scene and select the “Phasmophobia Scene Collection.json” file to import the scene.

  4. Import the “Phasmophobia” file into StreamerBot

    (either drag & drop the file into the import string or open it with any text editor and paste its content in the import string)

  5. Navigate to the “Commands” tab and enable the imported commands.

  6. Done!


You can now start using the commands listed below. Adding evidence is set to “everyone” by default, so technically everyone can add evidence to the list. You can set it to sub/VIP/mod only to your own liking.

Commands Description
!evidence Show the current gathered evidence
!evidence [specific evidence] Adds evidence to the list (e. g. !evidence EMF)
!evidence reset Resets the evidence list
!ghosts Show the possible remaining ghosts
!ghost [specific ghost] Show the characteristics of a specific ghost (e. g. !ghost Mare)
!timer hunt Starts a chat timer for the demon hunting cooldown
!timer smudge Starts a chat timer for smudge durations

Things seems to work,

couple of points -

The get ghosts on appearance looked like it didnt work as there is no output message so suggestion would be to add a output message or make note in the documentation

As for the Smudge and Hunt ive honestly no idea what they are supposed to do

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Thanks for the hint! There was indeed two things wrong in there, one was a lowercase letter in “none”

string evidenceString = CPH.GetGlobalVar<string>("evidence", false) ?? "None";

and the missing output as you mentioned. It got lost during the transition to an actual OBS overlay :smiley: It’s been added now though.

Regarding the timers: Not sure if you are familiar with Phasmophobia, but smudging ghosts causes them to pause hunting for a while and those simple delays just give an indication in chat for when certain thresholds have been reached.