Heart Container OBS Overlay

Heart Container OBS Overlay



Use events, commands or any trigger you can think of to add or remove heart containers from your OBS overlay.

Import Code

Heart Containers StreamerBot.sb (4.0 KB)



  1. Download and install the “Move” and “Source Copy” plugins for OBS (see above for the links)

  2. Download the import action file (Heart Containers StreamerBot.sb), the scene collection (Heart_Containers Scene Collection.json) as well as the zip-file that contains the images and sounds (OBS Heart Containers.zip).

    Unzip “OBS Heart Containers.zip” and place the folder anywhere safe (e. g. where you keep all your OBS stuff).

  3. In OBS, navigate to Tools → Source Copy → Load Scene and select the “Heart_Containers Scene Collection.json” file to import the scene.

    You will see an error message popping up inside OBS that the sources have missing files. Click “Cancel” and proceed with the installation.

  4. Import the “Heart Containers StreamerBot.sb” file into StreamerBot

    (either drag & drop the file into the import string or open it with any text editor and paste its content in the import string)

  5. Navigate to the action Setup Heart Containers

    Edit the “Set Argument” subaction and replace the path in the value field with the path you have recently saved the folder from the zip-file to.

For example:
If the folder “OBS Heart Containers” has been saved to C:\User\Batman\OBS Heart Containers, then just type in C:\User\Batman as the path

  1. Once the path has been set correctly, rightclick the “Test” trigger, click on “Test Trigger” and now you should see the images linked correctly in OBS. If not, check again for the correct path.

  2. You can now assign any triggers you want to the “Add Heart Containers” and “Remove Heart Containers” action.

Note: You can choose any trigger to reset the Heart Containers back to 0, but by default they will automatically reset once your StreamerBot connects to OBS.

  1. Done!

Heya, just took a look, it seems that on the source “Heart Filling” there is no Move Filter on import.

Another thing is, you can cut down the setup as well, as you can directly import the scene itself with Tools > Source Copy > Load Scene. This will instantly import the scene needed without making the extra step of import scene collection and then later having the user remove the imported scene collection again

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True with the scene-import, TIL. I edited that accordingly!

The move filters are on the “Heart Containers [NESTED]” scene itself, not on the filling source.

Ah probably something was not connected properly then, as it’s now working properly, sorry about that one! :+1:

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Yeah not sure what im doing wrong but looks to me like Add Heart Containers isnt working for me, The Image is there and the sound plays and the Variable increases but nothing visually not sure where ive gone wrong

For whatever reason the crop values on the Move filter have been altered on the scene collection import, I honestly can’t tell why. It worked a month ago when I tested it, it obviously worked for pwnyy, too.

I have exported the scene collection again and set the filter values. Try again and let me know. Worst case would be that I’d have to add a bunch of Raw-Requests on the setup to manually adjust the crop values.

edit: Okay, I actually did the just-to-be-sure raw-requests. So if for whatever reason the crop values are not getting saved again, the setup-action will automatically set them.

New scene collection and import file have been uploaded.

Yeah that seemed to work fine that time

final Quick Question did the site not let you upload the zip direct orr something?

Nope, when I hit “Upload” it won’t even show me the zipfile in the file explorer. Thought I had to use an external site for that one.

Btw, I edited my first reply and added a bunch of raw requests in the setup action, just in case this ever happens again for whatever reasons.

Okay no worries

From my pov everything seems fine :slight_smile:

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This is done on purpose. Only staff have access to uploading zip files. Makes sure we filter the files before someone uploads something that could contain something malicious. Not saying anyone in the community would but more of a precaution. Also trying to avoid external links as much as possible except in certain situations. But yes to do zip files one has to reach out to a staff member to have them attach those.