Extended Hugs (with consent)

Extended Hugs (with consent)


This extension is safe to use in StreamerBot v0.2.3

Updated to v2 on March 21, 2024


Let your viewers hug other viewers if they have given their consent. Consent can be given to all, to none, to specific users and for individual hug requests.

Stats for hugs given and received are saved in user variables (total hugs and individual hugs given/received to/from specific users). Those can be displayed in a leaderboard for example.


Extended Hugs.sb (9.0 KB)


  1. Download the file above. Then drag&drop it into the “Import String” in StreamerBot or open it with any text editor and paste its content in there.

  2. Go into the “Commands” tab and enable the Extended Hugs command group by rightclicking it and checking “Enable all”.

  3. Done! :partying_face:


  1. You can set consentOn to True if you want to activate the requirement for consent in total


  2. showStats can be set to True if you want individual user stats shown after each hug (these get saved nontheless)

  3. For the leaderboard, you can set the argument to True to exclude the broadcaster and bot account


!hug [Username] (Request to) Hug a user.
!consent all Give consent for all upcoming hug requests.
!consent all revoke Revoke the consent-for-all hug requests.
!consent none Give no-consent for all upcoming hug requests.
!consent none revoke Revoke the no-consent for all hug requests.
!consent user [Username] Give consent for all upcoming hug requests to a specified user.
!consent user revoke [Username] Revoke the consent for all upcoming hug requests for a specified user.
!hugLeaderboard Shows the top 5 leaderboard of all hug givers and receivers.

Note 1
You can only give consent to the latest hug request. If user1 requests to hug you and so does user2 before you could give consent to user1, then the request will be overwritten.

Note 2
You can give “no-consent” to everyone (!consent none) while at the same time whitelist specified users (!consent user [Username]).