Champion Of The Hill (Steal VIP)


This extension is safe to use in StreamerBot v0.2.3


Let your viewers become champion of the hill and earn a VIP badge by redeeming a channelpoint reward. But be aware! There can only be one champion at a time, so after another user redeems the reward, they’ll steal the title and VIP badge from the former champion.

The description of the reward will automatically update and have the current champion listed. You also have the option to automatically increase the cost upon each use.

Import Code

Champion Of The (4.9 KB)


  1. Download the import file Champion Of The and import it into StreamerBot.
    (either drag & drop the file into the import string or open it with any texteditor and copy & paste its content into the import string)


  2. Create a channel point reward inside StreamerBot and not within Twitch itself. This will make sure that the reward is editable by StreamerBot.

    Go into Platforms -> Twitch -> Channel Point Rewards and add a new one. Give it any name you like. The description will automatically get updated after redemption, so you can just fill it with “There currently is no champion of the hill”. If the reward is not greyed out and the settings are editable, you are good to go.

Make sure Redemption Skips Queue stays unchecked.

  1. Assign the reward as the trigger in the Champion Of The Hill action


  2. Already done! Continue with Configuration below.

Configuration (Optional)

  1. In the “General Settings” group, you can adjust two different things:

    • First, you can decide whether you want the cost of the reward to automatically increase upon each use. Therefore, doubleclick the “Set Argument” subaction and set its value for increaseCost to “True”. Otherwise make it “False”.

    • Second, you can also decide whether a permanent VIP (that is not champion of the hill) can become champion of the hill. You can again set it to “True” if a permanent VIP should be able to steal, “False” if not. You can then also set whether the VIP status should be returned to the permanent VIP once he gets pushed off the throne.

  2. In the “Cost Increase Settings” group, you can decide how the cost should increase and by how much.

    There are three different methods: costs can increase linearly, exponentially or have a combination of both. You can change the value to “Linear”, “Exponential” or “Both”.


    • If “Linear” is selected, the cost will increase by a fixed amount increaseCostTotalPoints. So if the cost is 1000 and the fixed amount set to 250, the next redemption will cost 1250 points.


    • If “Exponential” is selected, the cost will increase exponentially by the set percent value increaseCostPercent. So if the cost is 1000 and the percent set to 10, the next redemption will cost 1100 points.

    • If “Both” is selected, the cost will first increase linearly until it reaches a certain threshold increaseCostThreshold.

      So in the example of the screenshots, the cost will increase linearly by 250 until it reaches 5000 points. From then on it will increase exponentionally by 10%. You can edit the treshold to your liking.

Note: You don’t have to delete the cost increase values from the “Set Argument” subactions if you don’t want to utilize them. In that case, just leave them as it is.

Congratulations, you are done!

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This seems to work fine, didnt dive too deep into settings but seems good!

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